Somehow, I ended up with deadlines, for Sydney and Blaze, on the same day. The Sydney stuff was in early – Larissa and I got the okay on our Book 3 proposal last week, which was great news. We’d put that story aside until we heard, and we’d started working on a new proposal or two for Sydney and on some of our own projects as well.

I finished the latest Blaze last week – Linger (the reunion story) – and a lot more characters showed up than I’d anticipated. It was kind of fascinating to watch the whole story unfold, even though some of those characters were less than cooperative when it came to explaining what they wanted in the story.

Once I’d sent the book off, I opened my synopsis – the one I’d subbed with the book in June of 2006 and hadn’t opened since. Which I somehow didn’t follow much at all. At least not the second half. It’s not hugely different, it leaves the characters and motivations the same, but I think the few changes worked well. I could probably could follow the synopsis more closely if I absolutely have to, but I’d really much rather write and just see where the story takes me. Hopefully, Linger took me to good places. If not, it was in early enough so I have time to make changes.

Speaking of lingering, that’s exactly what the latest migraine’s doing. So today I’m going to take it easy, continue to slowly reacquaint myself with Jake’s book and try to read one of the research books I’ve got in my ever-growing pile.

Steph T.