Everyone has all these new blog plans, what day they’re going to talk about what, etc. I want to do that, but since I can’t even manage the Thursday Thirteen on a regular basis, I know better than to even try.

It’s strange, because I am pretty well organized, life-wise. With the five-year old, I have her day mapped out, which includes time for me to get on the treadmill and get myself ready for the day.

The writing thing? I’ve tried to make plans, to say, I’m going to do X number of pages today. Never happens. I’m just lucky that I’m a fast writer and can make up for days of missed writing very quickly if I need to. I’m much more motivated by what I’ve already done. I’m the kind of person who makes lists after the fact, just so I can cross out what I’ve accomplished.

One thing I have done is keep a book with just my writing stuff in it – my daily writing stuff, the things I do for my career in general plus I keep track of my reading and any discussions with my agent and editors. And the deadlines, of course. But I don’t put anything other than writing things in that book – I do think that’s one of the main reasons I don’t use a big program, like Outlook, to organize everything together. It might be too overwhelming to see Real Life and Writing Life all jumbled together.

What about you? Are you a list-maker?

Steph T.