So Jaci tags me with a meme, and after I whined and Larissa threatened her (which she didn’t seem to worry about too much)I said to Zoo (which hereafter the husband shall be known as, considering it’s what I call him most of the time) and said, I need to come up with five crazy things about me and I don’t think I have anything crazy.

Zoo: oh

Me: Oh my God – see? I’m not crazy at all – I’m boring!!!

Zoo: You’ve been to Africa twice.

Me: That’s crazy?

Zoo: You peed in a hole. You took 15 hour road trips, slept with elephants and hippos outside your door.

(Aside: When people ask me if they should go to Africa, I tell them that it’s wonderful – the best trip of my life, but if you’re not prepared to pee in a hole, you should not ever go there. Especially, but not limited to going on safari and / or extended road trips)

Me: All right, I’ll put that. I totally want to live there. Oh, maybe that’s a crazy thing too!

Zoo: And fishing – you went on an overnight fishing trip in the Indian Ocean, caught 110lb tuna and mahi mahi and wahoo. And you saw the killer whale right near our boat.

Me: My stomach still hurts when you mention cheese and tomato sandwiches. Whoever thought they’d be good on a fishing trip?

Zoo: And your tattoo…

Me: That’s not crazy

Zoo: Well, the story is – a 300lb biker named Tiny eating orange snowballs gave you that tattoo…

Me: My mother reads this blog.

Zoo: You asked. You’re on your own with the others – my soup’s ready.

Okay, so that’s three-ish Maybe four, but I was never good at math. Let’s see…the other two are things you probably already know.

Number four: I have chronic migraine disease, and instead of the more common visual aura, I smell things that aren’t there or else my sense of smell is so heightened that the slightest scent bothers me.

And number 5 – I must work on multiple projects at one. And by, at once, I don’t always mean, I have 3 stories going – sometimes it literally means I’ve got those 3 different stories opened in Word and am going back and forth on both of them. And trust me – I have TRIED to focus on only one story at a time, and honestly, it’s to my detriment. So live and learn and write whatever way is best for you.

I need a nap now. I’ve never liked that Jaci Burton…

Steph T.