*waves* I’m wiped out from the past few days – they were fun but still managed to suck the life out of me. It didn’t help that the five year old decided to stay up from midnight until 5am last night. I’m gulping coffee as I write this, because, well, I must write today.

Anyway, I got such fun gifts from ScaryChristmasLarissa and I’ll post pictures tomorrow. Right after she helps me to figure out how to make them smaller.

But first, I have to go oil the high maintenance salad bowl. I know, I know – I wanted the wooden salad bowl, asked for the wooden salad bowl but really, the last my friend could’ve done was either a) warn me just how much work said salad bowl would be or b) done said work before giving me the salad bowl.

See, you have to oil it with a special oil for a week. Every day for a week. I’m on day 3. And, after the week is done, you’ve got to oil it once a month. I’m going to be on a salad bowl schedule, and, as the husband pointed out, if he makes us salad (that’s considered cooking ) he doesn’t make it for just 2 people in a big wooden bowl.

So, what did you get? Good stuff? Any surprises?

Steph T.