Between yesterday and today, I’m doing my Christmas baking. Because (oh, another thing I do to drive my editor crazy – starting sentences with because! Hopefully she is too busy deleting the becauses from my manuscript to read my blog)…anyway, where was I, oh, right – Christmas baking because even though I don’t cook, I do like to bake. Except that I haven’t done any Christmas baking for the past few years. So I promised the husband I’d do it this year.

So I’ve got to make pumpkin and apple pies, butter cookies with the cookie press this year I’m also making PBW’s No Brainer Fudge…I tried the recipe last week and it’s so easy and SO good. (note to self: you also use so too much in your manuscripts. Blogging may be ruining your life.)

This is, of course, completely true. No matter what Larissa says:

You Are an Angel

A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.

Steph T.