So I finally got my new laptop!!! An IBM Thinkpad, just like the one I started out writing on over four years ago.

It’s fast, it’s light and I’m in love.

It’s got fingerprint password recognition! I don’t know what it does other then ask for my fingerprint when I reboot! I wouldn’t do very well if I had to be fingerprinted in real life because it took me forever to do the fingerprint thing for all my fingers!

It doesn’t become blazing hot on the bottom the way my Dells did!

This computer makes me want to use exclamation points. All! The! Time!

Except for the whole, transferring of miscellaneous stuff, in which I discovered several important things.

Taking your own music from iTunes and transferring it to your new computer’s iTunes is the equivalent of raking your eyeballs with your nails. Repeatedly. Why oh WHY can’t you just plug in your iPod to the new computer and have all the songs transfer? They are MY songs. MINE. I should be able to transfer them to my No, instead you have to go through a list of intructions that make you realize you would rather burn your CDs one by one again rather than having to deal with the crap.

I cannot get the chime for my yahoo messenger back. Instead, I have a stupid, low ding that I can never hear. And you know, email = important, can’t live without it. i must hear the chime!

I want the yahoo toolbar and not the google one but I think the new yahoo toolbar screwed up my other computer – every time I tried to open a link, I would get a stupid red fist that blocked it.

Word 2003? Nice, but it keeps switching on me – like, one minute I’m writing along, the next that stupid sidebar is up and then suddenly, I’m on the two pages per page…like a slideshow of all the features every five seconds.

Steph T.

P.S. I’ve already gotten chocolate stuck in the touch pad!