I’ve had the character in my head for the third Sydney book since Larissa and I started writing the first book. He’s made an appearance in the first two books as well, so he’s been there – I’ve written him, but he’s only been on the periphery. And I’ve been waiting and waiting for him to pay me a visit and start really talking. But I also know better than to force him.

So, over the past week, I wrote on other things – finishing the 2nd Sydney book, my next Blaze, notes for Jake’s book – worked on the galleys for my first Blaze, did website updates, laundry, cleaned the kitchen – you know, everything I could possibly do but write the opening scene I needed to write.

And then all of a sudden, on Sunday, around 8pm or so, he started talking. And I started writing and it was like the time I talked about merely being the transcriber for the words – he was whispering, telling me his story and I got it all down. And then last night I finally put the pieces together and wrote a rough opening scene, passed it to Larissa and I feel like, yes, I can relax now. He’s here. It’s all good.

I love it when that happens. It’s also good in that Larissa’s now all excited about this book. And busy. Surely too busy to continue babbling about elves and Santa…*fingers crossed*

Steph T.