Okay, I know some of you are scared of my WIP bars (I personally find them very comforting, and some of them are for proposals, not full books – it’s not that bad. Really) – but I’m not the one you should be scared of.

No, the one you should be running from is emailing me in song verse. Of the, falalalala kind. Yes, ScaryPsychoChristmasLarissa is back in action.

It’s my own fault, really. I should never have made her send in our final Riding The Storm draft to our editor yesterday – she wanted the weekend to read through it. So if I hadn’t insisted, she’d be all reading it now instead of singing and decorating and making a general Christmas nuisance of herself. And it’s only December 2nd. And we have a proposal to write together for the third Sydney book that’s due January 15th and she’s all jolly and full of Christmas spirit when I’m all like, do we really even need a tree this year?

I need to get her really into that Sydney proposal. It’s the only chance I’ve got to save myself this month…

Steph T.