when I should’ve been writing. Granted, there was a migraine involved, but there’s also a scene involved that doesn’t want to be changed and so I blame the scene, and its main character, Creed, for forcing me to procrastinate all day by doing the following:

1. Go to bank to finally open up new business checking account that I’ve been putting off for over six months. Drag the husband and the five year old along and take up hours of time I don’t have. Remember, this actually requires getting dressed and going out of the house, so the procrastination level is at red alert here.

2. Stop at bagel place and realize that same man who was there when I started high school is still working behind counter – think about how long ago that was, hope man is actually owner and immediately pretend I only graduated high school recently. Tell husband I was child bride and shove bagel at him before he can disagree.

3. Home, hours later. Bypass computer in favor of putting away laundry. Convince self this is first step toward getting to scene I must write and put away three baskets full. Realize this did not work and continue to avoid the computer by…

4. Reading! I mean, reading is officially under the list of things I must do as an author. Without guilt. Fall asleep for hours and blame migraine.

5. Realize the scene hasn’t written itself and then think, treadmill. The treadmill always works. Jump on sometime after 5pm (told you I wasted the day) – get off at 6pm, and need dinner immediately. Followed by dessert and hot chocolate. Followed by Everybody Loves Raymond.

6. Ask husband if he could please watch child so I can finally get some work done, ignore his look of confusion and march back upstairs. Sit in bed with computer and papers surrounding me, looking very official. Watch old episode of Charlie’s Angels (in my defense, it’s the one where Jill comes back to visit her sister Kris and help solve a murder – 4 Angels together – do you know how rare that episode is?)

7. At 10 pm, write 7 pages of scene that I’m still scared to look at this morning. Whine to Larissa. Read some more. Put head back for just a second and wake up to the thumping of an Amazon box from UPS.

Steph T.