I’m deep into copy edits and revisions and writing, but it’s all very slow motion because of a combination of my cold / sore throat / malaria-like illness (and no, I don’t think I’m being dramatic) and the cold medicine. I’ll never understand the non-drowsy cold med thing at all – I always feel drowsy. I can work through my migraine meds, which make me sleepy, but the cold meds are like spacing me way out. As if you couldn’t tell by that last line. I almost used the word, dude.

Dude. Back away from the Advil Daytime Cold…

So anyway, I’ll continue to stare at the four open Word docs and hope that something gets done today.

Did you see the Sydney Croft placeholder yet? Isn’t it cool? Bekke from DreamForge Media rocks! And Larissa’s been working on the Sydney Croft myspace page, which looks awesome too!

Steph T.