I know – it’s nowhere near Thursday, but I’m liking this whole Thursday Thirteen thing. And maybe when I get my act together, I’ll copy the meme code and do it on the right day. Until then, humor me. Because I’m probably doing this wrong.

Thirteen Random Things that happened this week:

1. Woke up with major sore throat on Tuesday – the same day we left for Pittsburgh in preparation for the 5 year old’s surgery on Thursday.

2. Larissa calls when we’ve been on the road for an hour or so saying that our second set of revisions for Bantam came in right after I left the house. Which is why I need to look into that wireless at all times card. But the news is good – revisions are light and we’ve nearly done with book two!

3. Look forward to stopping at Wendy’s for lunch, since there’s no Wendy’s close to us here. Husband assures me that we did not pass Wendy’s. Husband then tells me that we did indeed pass Wendy’s and there won’t be another one for seven hours.

4. Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital now offers free WiFi for all patients and families!!! I didn’t get to use it much, but it was SO comforting to know it was there. Kept me content on Thursday when the 5 year old got into her room and slept most of the day after a very successful seventh Titanium Rib surgery

5. Wake up early Friday morning – like 3am – with horrible sore throat – worse than ever after three days of antibiotics. Convince self I am dying of scarlatina and take antibiotic hours early. Give self heartburn and cannot lie back down on hard wooden covered foam thing that passes for a parent bed. Sit up in the dark writing. Write ten pages (which may or may not be total crap)

6. Look up from writing because something is dripping on my bare foot. Assume it is child’s I.V. leaking. Realize that there’s a huge red stain on the sheet hanging over the bed and pray it’s not from the wound in her back. Get up to check and realize she’s pulled I.V. out of her foot while sleeping.

7. Page nurses calmly and mention I.V. and blood in the same sentence – watch five come running. Child loves all the attention. Child will now stay awake for hours.

8. Bed is changed, child is watching Elmo, and my heartburn comes back. I eat some of her crackers and alternately read and write by the light of her DVD player

9. Fall asleep at 6am – to be woken by resident at 6:30am telling me that child might go home today (which was Friday). Which is enough to make me forget previous night’s horror, since we were slated to stay until Sunday.

10. Immediately realize I would’ve lost my mind in the hospital for three days, even with the WiFi.

11. Immediately start bugging every nurse and resident to hurry up with paperwork so I can go home

12. Complain to husband that I’m always the one who bugs every nurse and resident to hurry up with paperwork so we can go home

13. Arrive home late Friday night, safe and sound – child is recovering well and I’m sleeping in my own bed. Me and the sore throat – oh, and because I’m sick I’m snoring. Which is kind of fun because the husband, who snores on a regular basis, said to me, you know – you kept me up all last night with your snoring…

Steph T.