I was really, really planning on blogging while I was away. But you wouldn’t have known I was away because I totally forgot to tell just about everyone I was going away. Because, in my mind, I’m still in late April, early May. November? Are you kidding me?

Anyway, we went on a wonderful vacation to Jamaica last week – with my parents and 2 other couples they’re friends with and who we’ve grown close with as well. And I figured, I can totally blog from there, because I’m away with my parents. Think of all the funny stories I’ll have.

And I did. But I didn’t write them down and after the Air Jamaica flight from hell home, I pretty much forgot everything. Except for the dolphin swim, which was a blast. And the margaritas. Yum.

The DSL service? Not so much fun. But I survived, barely, without the Internet. Got some decent writing done too. And now I’m home and prepared to finish the final tweaks on the Blaze revisions and Larissa and I are on the very last part of our second Sydney Croft book.

So, for like one minute, I might actually stay ahead of things. For like, one week, since December’s going to be insane with proposals due and my first ever set of copy edits. And I’m SO excited for all of it. I work so much better with deadlines bearing down on me. And with freshly baked cookies right next to me.:wink:

Steph T.