I’ve been battling this migraine for a week now – I think I might finally be on the winning end of it today, which is good, since I’ve got the whole house – and day to myself. I’ve got plans to finish some major scenes for the Sydney book, and then I’ll be turning to Blaze revision mode, as I expect some edits on my 2nd book on Monday. I think, if all goes well, that second Blaze will be a June 2007 release, and the third Blaze should release some time in the Fall of 2007…Larissa and I still aren’t sure, but we’re hoping that one Sydney book makes it out in late 2007 as well.

Of course, that all depends on how fast we finish up these first two books. Which means, I actually have to get cranking on them.

Which I will, as soon as I let you know, for those who followed my, skunk under the ramp in the front of my house, story over at Writeminded, that the trapper finally came and got the skunk. As I suspected, it was already dead, and that’s why it smelled so bad. The trapper said the skunk was huge and died of natural causes. The husband and I are kind of sad – as he said, the skunk’s been here longer than we have. It was kind of like our house pet.

I told him to put something to block the ramp and to make sure we don’t get any more house pets like that. I mean, that skunk was nice to us, but who knows if an entire family would move in there or something and not be as nice as huge skunk was to us.

And then yesterday, there was a black cat on our porch and the husband said, see, the cats are coming around because the skunk’s gone.

So now everything that happens is because the skunk’s gone. Including the broken boiler. *sighs* That’s being fixed on Monday, and I keep trying to tell myself, you’re not cold, you’re not cold.

I miss the skunk.

Must go write.

Steph T.