I finally saw Road House 2!


Okay, it wasn’t horrible, and it paid homage to the original by referencing a lot of the lines, like, be nice, until it’s time not to be nice, and the ever-popular, pain don’t hurt. Which might be the worst line ever. The main character is supposed to be the son of Dalton, the original Cooler, from the first movie. If the bad guy wasn’t so completely over the top, it might’ve worked. And I think the female lead was the one who played opposite the Rock in Walking Tall. But it’s one of those things, like, if you grew up watching the Brady Bunch, you’ll enjoy those Brady Bunch full length movies more because you’ll get the inside jokes.

Oh, and Jaq – I started reading Heart of Fire after you talked about it – is it me or is the plot from Anaconda 2 a lot like this book? The movie would’ve done better if it had managed half the emotion Howard put into her work…

I got lots of writing / revising done this weekend on the first Sydney Croft book – Larissa and I were in the zone, churning out scenes and getting all excited about them. That’s the most awesome part about working together – waiting on pins and needles for her scenes, because even though I have an idea about what she’s writing in them, actually reading them is like actually reading the book itself.

Hard to describe, but trust me, it’s fun!

Speaking of Larissa – go take a look at the launch of her awesome new website! Rumor has it she’s going to have a cool launch contest…

Steph T.