I’d mentioned here at WriteMinded a week or so ago that I’d started writing Jake’s book. It wasn’t the first time I’d done so  and normally, for what I call the brother trilogy, I would try and start with the other brothers, convincing myself that Jake would be better off having his book written last.

Jake, being Jake, insisted on being first. And I finally listened to him and yes, Jake and his SEAL brothers sold in a three book deal, to Bantam Dell.

I should have something better prepared, but really, all I’ve done for the past week is sit staring into space, sometimes crying. Good crying, of course, but it’s been a really, really emotional sale for me. These characters have been with me a long time and they’re finally going to get their stories. And I’m thrilled and grateful.

Jake, I’m sure, will have more to say on the subject at some point soon.:smoke:

Steph T.