Today I’m over at WriteMinded.

Yesterday, I watched The Big Easy and called it research. Again.

Two days ago, I dropped the heavy, desktop type of tape dispenser on the middle toes of my right foot while I was looking for the wrapping paper to wrap Larissa’s birthday gift (is that some kind of punishment because the gift is three weeks late?) and I was standing in the closet by the front door cursing to make a sailor proud when the doorbell rang. The ConEd man. Laughing at me, because, you know, the door isn’t exactly soundproofed.

Three days ago, I put up the review Larissa and I did of Alison Kent’s Complete Idiot’s Guide To Writing Erotic Romance. Remember to comment on this post to have a chance at winning a copy of the book! Giveaway ends tomorrow night and the winner will be posted on Saturday.

Four days ago, the husband and I woke up to discover that whatever Ernesto was downgraded to took out half a tree in our backyard. No damage, except the tree had to go because it was unbalanced. Like the way I’m walking because of the whole, tape dispenser on the toes, thing mentioned above.

Five days ago, the husband and I made apple pies in the whatever Ernesto was downgraded to storm (see, Cece, I do bake!) as the lights flickered because…

Six days ago, someone who looks and sounds like me (although I’m not admitting it was me) ordered groceries and allegedly ordered six bags of Granny Smith Apples instead of six Granny Smith Apples. Allegedly.

Steph T.