1. Coffee. Mainlined.

2. Check on Larissa’s power situation. Discover email from her telling me she’s got power back. Call her selfish for leaving me yesterday.

3. Listen to wind outside and wonder if I will keep power.

4. More coffee.

5. Steal Harley Man icon from Jaci

6. Decide to spend day in bed. With computer.

7. Wonder where I got this icon (and decide it had to be from Jake)

8. Watch as Larissa harasses me with emails. Like I was supposed to write yesterday while she had no power.

9. Coffee. In bed. Black coffee in bed. (I do not drink coffee black, btw)

10. Wonder where Squeeze CD is.

11. Wonder if husband will go to PO to mail all the contest prizes piled up by the door.

12. Wonder what husband is cooking for dinner.

13. Coffee.

12. Bed is comfy. Highly recommend it. Unless, of course, you need to get writing done. Which I am. Definitely.

13. Writing? Craytalk

Steph T.