From Suzanne Brockmann’s site:

A Navy SEAL named Justin, who was featured on the Discovery Channel’s series “Navy SEALs: BUD/s Class 234,” was just diagnosed with cancer. He needs to find a bone marrow donor ASAP. They did screenings at Spotswood High School in Spotswood, NJ last Saturday from 9am-5pm, but from what I’ve heard, they still haven’t found a match.

Here’s a link to an article about Justin’s situation.

Here’s an article with a photo.

The reader who brought this to my attention wrote the following to me:

As far as I know, no match has been found yet. The more people that we can all reach out to, the better his chances are….and also for the others waiting for donors…

This is the info they gave for those who want to help:

– If you can organize a drive in your area at a police or fire station or at a school, please call Eddy at 800-627-7693 ext 223. He is at the Department of Defense Bone Marrow Donor program (the people in charge of the drive for Justin on Saturday)

– If you cannot visit an area donation center or a local drive, but still want to help, you can use this link to have a test kit sent to you. (it is a simple “swab inside of cheek” test. They ask for a $52.00 donation to cover costs.

– All potential donors are listed on the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. It’s simple and quick and could potentially save Justin’s or someone else’s life.

USA Today also picked this story up. Help spread the word!

Steph T.