I guess I should take the time to check and make sure my battery isn’t part of the Dell recall. Then again, the thought of actually dealing with Dell tempts me to just ignore the whole thing.

Alison had a link up to Bookseller Chick’s Blog – a post on reading dry spells. I’ve definitely gone through this, although I’m happy to report that it finally did ease up for me. For a long time, when I’d open a book for pleasure, I’d analyze the ever-living crap out of it, to the point where I could no longer enjoy reading anything. But right around the time I started writing the stuff I wanted to write again, that broke, and suddenly I’m finding that I don’t have enough to read. Which explains the new stack of Amazon boxes accumulating in my basement.

The UPS man loves me.

Today, I’m over at Writeminded today as part of the party, sharing my journey and talking about how reading and writing saved me – please come visit!

Steph T.