Before I forget (which I’ve done all weekend) – we’re having a big party over at WriteMinded. Starting today, we’re doing something crazy like giving away a hundred books over a 2 week period, and all you have to do is go over and read a few posts and answer a few questions. Easy, right?

I need to spend some time getting my journey to publication post together – Amy’s is great – and then I also have to do some actual writing which will keep me on that path to publication. Kathryn told me in Atlanta that Blaze was buying 2 more books from me (my just-in-case full and my reunion story proposal – aka the book that might kill me) but I was waiting until she and Roberta spoke to let you all know! I’m very excited about this and more firm than ever in my belief that after you submit something, write something else immediately.

Okay, now go over to Writeminded and party. I’m going to go eat some cake that’s leftover from the just-turned-five year old’s birthday party.

Steph T.