Guess I should’ve mentioned that I was going on vacation last week, huh? Sorry about that! We headed off to Montauk for a week of mindless beach-bumming and non-stop eating, which will now require weeks of non-stop treamilling to even it out.

Did you ever notice how you associate certain foods with certain places?

For instance, every year on this particular vacation,Utz Party Mix is a staple food. How could it not be, with a mix that includes tortilla chips, BBQ corn chips, crunchy cheese curls, nacho tortillas and pretzel wheels? Thing is, I never think about it when I’m home, but as soon as I hit the Montauk line, my body immediately needs this party mix for pure survival. When we run out, the husband and I will look at each other in horror, and I will clutch the empty bag until he returns home from IGA with the goods.

Also, soft serve ice cream from John’s Drive-In is a must – complete with rainbow sprinkles, which I get all over myself and the car like I am a small child. Maybe one day I will learn to blame the small child who is mine – but until she likes ice cream, this cannot happen.

Of course, we ate the requisite seafood – fried clams, steamers and lobster. Sometimes I’ll even sneak in shrimp, even though I am allergic and will tell the husband, my epi pen is right in my bag. Do you remember how to use it? Trust me, it makes for a very romantic start to the dinner…adds just that touch of action/adventure to the meal.

Oh, and fwiw, if your husband ever says – I don’t need a cracker for the lobsters – I’ll just use the back of this knife, immediately scream no, unless you want to discover pieces of the lobster everywhere. Like, all over the walls.

On the way home, we stopped at the Lobster Roll, known affectionately as just, Lunch. We missed seeing Jon BonJovi by a day…

All in all, a great getaway, but between this, Atlanta and the four year old turning five (and the party we’re throwing her tomorrow) – I’m pretty much done.

Everyone doing all right out there? Anything fun planned for the end of summer?

Steph T.