I’m back from Atlanta – I’ll blog about my trip over at WriteMinded at some point, so you can head over there for all our recaps. A total blast. I met my online buds, and contrary to my mother’s worry of, suppose you don’t all like each other when you meet in person? (yes, she really said this.) – I felt as though we’d all been hanging out in person forever. And, as I keep saying, I’m completely spoiled because I want to see them all on a daily basis, especially Larissa, Alison, Amy, Jan and Sasha. And Walt, of course, who I will forgive for posting a picture of me that makes me look like I lost all brain function. Which, at that point, I probably had.

Today, however, I am on a, you’re going to lose power any second, watch, thanks to my electric company, who seems to think that heat is an excuse to lose power. When I point out that there are places in the country far hotter on a regualr basis who do not lose power from excessive heat, they tend not to care. They say things like, most people aren’t as knowledgable as you are, ma’am, which translates to, most people aren’t as bitchy as you are. Except the people in my neighborhood, who are tired of losing power all the time. All. The. Time.

However, I am taking a stand. Until they replace the feeders in my neighborhood, I will not conserve energy, since they refuse to conserve my money and since I conserve my ass off and my neighborhood will lose power either way. I will run my dishwasher and washer / dryer daily, and I will jack up my AC, because when I do lose power (and I will – I know I will) – the house will be cool for a few extra hours. And that is my stand against ConEd. Noble, I know. Please, hold your applause…

But the bright spot is that Larissa and I started working on Sydney’s book #2 again and I freakin’ LOVE this book. I fell in love with book 1 and I’m even more in love with this one. So I will comfort myself with work and alpha heroes.

Steph T.