Is it bad that the Staples delivery man asked me if I ever got out of what he called gym clothes? Okay, well the daily outfit is usually yoga pants and a t-shirt, so technically he’s right, but I told him that he’s lucky he comes in the afternoon, or else he’d be asking me if I ever got out of pajamas.

And then I realized that the Staples man might think I was coming on to him.

Oh well, at least I got my paper. It’s pastel – light blues and grays. It’s supposed to be easier on the eyes but I got it because it looked pretty and I’ve been doing a ton of writing by hand these days. And I got sticky notes to match, because really, if your sticky notes don’t coordinate with your paper, you’re in trouble.

I really need to get out more. Or at least stop procrastinating on the edits Larissa thinks I’m doing while she’s got company for a few days. In reality, I have done everything but the edits. I have worked on scenes for our second book and even started scenes for our third book, plus worked on the 4th Blaze proposal. Ordered books from Amazon. Downloaded music. Ordered pillows for the couch in my office.

Well, you get the idea. But now I’ve got this big pile of BOOK to go through and Larissa’s company leaves tomorrow (hopefully LATE tomorrow) and I’ve got to get moving.

Speaking of procrastination, is anyone else loving Rock Star Supernova? I’m loving Tommy Lee and feel the need to dig out all the old Motley Crue tapes. Now there’s a project that needs immediate attention. Oh, and The Unit’s on tonight too…

None of you are going to turn me into Larissa, are you?

Steph T.