Haven’t done these in a while – here are the highlights:

say you’re a writer I’m a writer

frogs that smoke lucky frogs

do you use sarcasm a lot 😎

envision weight loss Will that work better than actually dieting?

johnny knoxville s cell phone number Like I’m going to give it out to you

comment on bird flu All I know is that I’ve got my emergency water ready. Except the husband keeps drinking it.

laura ingalls nude That’s just so wrong…both on or off the prairie

navy seal undressed Where?

listen to boston – let me take you home tonight Or, as my mother said, “I thought that song was, let me take you home to die.”

fanny pack bag with the beatles That’s almost as wrong as the Laura Ingalls thing.

banana-headed I”ll never live this one down, will I? You mistakenly put a banana on one hero’s head and you’re branded for life.

blueberry banana smoothie My mother needs to step searching for receipes.

Steph T.