You know when everyone around you is sneezing and coughing on you and they’re all like, it’s just allergies, but really, two days later, after being breathed on you come down with the same alleged allergies and you want to find all those people who think they have allergies and strangle them? (And yes, the husband is one of those people)

Yeah, that’s where I am am right about now. I hate the whole, can’t breathe through my nose, thing. I just took a nice, all-in-one-day antibiotic that my mother, the nurse, administered. Five minutes after I’d taken it, I told her that I didn’t feel any better yet. :LOL:

She’s been gone for twenty minutes and I still don’t feel any better. Maybe I’ll call her and tell her that. At least she didn’t mentioned smoothies this time.:smile:

Okay, back to the proposals. No, I didn’t finish either one. I thought I’d made good headway into the first one, ripped it apart and added the brilliant idea I had. Today I realized that the original version is much better. Now I just have to firm up chapter 3. And then sneeze.

BTW, I don’t feel any better yet…

Steph T.