First, before I forget, Larissa is almost all settled in her new house and her new state, and except for a cable problem that prevents her from getting online *sobs* she’s doing well. Hopefully, she’ll be back up and running by July.

Now, as for this weekend, I am going to finish the two Blaze proposals I’ve started no matter what. I’ve been sitting on them for far too long, and although it’s been a nice and well-deserved break, it’s time to get back in gear. Especially because, once Larissa is back, we’re planning on getting our Sydney Croft book 1 edited and sent in early. And we’ve already subbed the proposal for book 2 and it’s been accepted, which is awesome. And Kathryn was very happy with the second Blaze I sent in (it was a full, my just in case, book that I wrote while waiting for word on my first book, which is something I highly recommend doing. Because now I’m a full book ahead. Which is why I want to get these next proposals moving. I really, really like being ahead, because you never know when life is going to throw something your way. ) So that book has been moved up the line and I’m just waiting to hear. With everything crossed.

What’s everyone up to? Writing? Reading? Playing? Oh, speaking of reading and playing, yesterday I pulled out two of my all-time favorite reads and just gorged on them. Better than comfort food. That, combined with a feast of My Fair Brady, Hogan Knows Best and Supergroup where I get to watch Sebastian Bach implode – (hey, I’ve already admitted I want to read Posh Spice’s autobiography, so I have nothing left to hide from all of you), plus talking to 3 of my favorite people for hours made for an awesome day.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing but rain here, which is excellent writing weather. I’ll ignore the migraine as best I can and just get to it.

Steph T.