Sasha will be happy to know that I am driving the husband crazy (yes, beyond the ghost-whisperer thing). Okay, so that’s a little bit fun, because there are only so many ways to drive a guy who’s very easy going crazy and he’s got a ton of ways to drive me up a wall. But really, this new thing is so not my fault – it’s the fault of my migraines. See, my migraine aura doesn’t involve seeing spots or visions – it involves smells.

I smell things that aren’t there. This has been happening for a couple of years, but since I’ve been to the migraine specialist I’ve finally figured it all out. And really, it’s a relief, because I keep smelling something burning. And then I walk around the house looking for what’s burning. And then I say to the husband, something’s burning. And now I know that nothing’s burning and he can just say, heightened sense of smell, hon.

I’m like a ghost-smeller, except there are no ghosts involved. Unless I’m smelling the ghosts and can’t see them.

I’m going to have to stop watching Ghost Whisperer, aren’t I? I guess I could use the extra time to do something like, oh, I don’t know…write?:smoke:

Speaking of writing, when I went to check to see whether Sasha’s Bound was shipping from Amazon (it hasn’t yet) I somehow stumbled across Posh Spice’s Autobigraphy. And I read an excerpt. Is it really bad to admit that I want to read the whole thing? What’s happening to me?

Steph T.