You know it’s bad when your mother tells you that you need to blog more. So I spent tonight, with Deadwood in the background, adding to the, books I’m currently reading, section and updating my progress bars. I’d love to separate out the Writers’ Blogs into sections, like PBW did – except I want to use songs. Which would be copying. Which I want to do anyway. And then I have to update the contest page (there was a winner who I contacted a month ago, but I haven’t changed the page – bad, Steph, bad) Plus, I have a PO run to do for the two winners of the contest I ran over at Sasha’s place (Don’t you love it when people give you a run down of all they need to do? Like you don’t have enough to worry about with your own lists.)

But I did finish my Blaze revisions – stopped a lot of the coffee drinking. And the cursing. Hey, SEALs curse. Can’t help it. Oh , and did I mention that they’re using one of my title suggestions? So Over The Falls is now officially called, Coming Undone. I dug into the Beach Boys Surfer Girl lyrics for that one. And its got an April 2007 release date!!

Also, Larissa has made it, safe and sound, to VA. She still doesn’t have Internet, which is killing me, but she should be back in business by the end of June. And then we’ve got to revise our first Sydney Croft book. Our second proposal for Bantam was accepted (YAY!) so that’s good news too. So the writing’s going well. I guess I’d rather have the writing going well and the blogging falling off than the other way around. :LOL:

Steph T.