I don’t allow my characters to eat, but I let them drink coffee. Lots of coffee. Someone’s always making coffee or pouring coffee or bringing in take-out coffee or thinking about coffee. My characters must have caffeine poisoning by now. And the thing is, I only drink one cup in the morning, so it’s not like it’s always on my mind. I mean, if anything, my characters would be consuming Diet Coke by the gallon. Which, if you’re reading this, headache doctor, I am certainly not doing anymore. :smoke:

So anyway, must go through and stop the coffee drinking. But seriously, Kathryn’s (my Blaze editor!) notes made me laugh because at first they were like, maybe you’re overdoing it on the coffee and then it went to – more coffee??? and finally, every time there’s a mention, she just put !!!.

Poor, poor Kathryn.

Steph T.