Jake & Co are still here. With heroes and heroines from several other writers. They’re still tapping kegs and someone finally handed me a margarita, so I don’t care so much anymore what’s happening. Have watched, A History of Violence and have added it to my, this could’ve been so good but it wasn’t but I will still watch it obsessively every time it comes on, list. And I’ve just been watching Footloose as well – ah, the memories. I might have to break out the soundtrack.

Tonight I might watch Capote. I know I have In Cold Blood around here somewhere and that I’ve always wanted to read it. In fact, I remember starting it and putting it down but not because I hated it. So I have to decide if I’m going to jump in and watch the movie first or if I’m going to hunt down the book.

Considering I’ve been loathe to move off the couch today, you can pretty much guess what version’s going to win out.

I also started a new Blaze proposal and an ST that’s a very faint version of an older book of mine. I’m going to take the idea but not look at the old book, because I’ve tried to rewrite it several times but that’s not working. It needs a completely fresh start – deserves it. And I’m excited about the story again.

Larissa deserts me moves in about two weeks, so we’re trying hard to polish up our first Sydney Croft book. We’ll put it away for June and come back to it with fresh eyes in July, and we’re still way ahead of schedule, so that’s cool.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If not, may I suggest a margarita? And I could always send Jake your way to hand-deliver it.:smoke:

Steph T.