I was sure Crate & Barrel would deliver my new couch promptly at 7am. Yes, I know there’s a 3 hour time window, but whenever we order from there, we’re always first on the delivery list.

Obviously, since it’s now 8am, we’re not first. I’m going to need more coffee. First, I’ll share a few of my search phrases with you – I haven’t done them for a couple of months. Blame Larissa. Why, I’m not sure, but since she’s deserted me in favor of a European Vacation, it seems fair enough.

navy seal alpha male Check.

thigh and bums problem what am I supposed to do about it?

dull women live in immaculate houses This is an Ann Stuart quote – one of my favorites

big ass tess She’s not here. Based on that description, I think I’d have noticed her if she was.

how to remove novella from laptop Sounds like a nightmare situation to me

aries man in bed I am Aries woman, and I’m not telling

origin of name stephanie All I know is that it means crowned. As in, princess.

innocent romatica not sure you’re barking up the right tree with that one

infj army I’m picturing all the INFJ writers marching along in jungle BDUs. Have I mentioned lately that I am INFJ?

author of house of alpha I love that name. Welcome to my house of alpha…

stephanie at honey chest not me

handy bag for cell phone around the neck that seems wrong – like a fanny pack or something

eleanor rigsby beatle song who sang it? Um, if it’s Elinor Rigby, I’m thinking – The Beatles.

aries men are so stubborn I can say with certainty that Aries women are not stubborn at all. *blinks innocently*

stephanie the freak Who’s been talking?

leos and instant gratification This is VERY true. I’m not going to name ANY names *Larissa, the husband, the four year old* but let’s just say, I’ve got firsthand experience on the subject.

controlling an aries Ask Raine if this is possible

worlds biggest vibrator Sasha gave me the answer to this a long time ago – it’s a Harley!

Steph T.