At any one given point over the last days, I’ve found myself with at least three different Word docs open. Scary thing is, I’m actually working on all three, although it comes out to be more like, working on one main doc while puttering with the other two when the whim strikes.

That will happen at odd times – I’ll be writing along happily on the main story and suddenly I’ll find myself writing something that would not come out of that particular hero’s mouth. Mainly, because it’ll be another hero’s backstory or something and it’ll take me a minute to figure out what the heck’s happening. And then I’ll just stick that into one of the more skeletal WIPs and move back into the main document.

Hey – it works for me. It just makes the time I spend finishing each book longer than it would be if I just blew out a book at once, which definitely irks my patience gene.

Can you work on more than one story in tandem, or do you stick with one story at a time?

Steph T.