Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers

Aries: Rams are the least likely people to be in this business. Why? Because they cannot abide how slowly things move. This is a great time for those of you with patience however, to be involved in fiction or art, also spiritual pursuits. If any of these elements are present in your life, lean heavily into them and explore the depths of your talent.

I think they’re trying to infer that I’m impatient. :smoke:

Okay – a little more news on the Blaze – I spoke to my editor yesterday – looks like my book will be a Spring 2007 release! I will have to change the title (currently, it’s called Over The Falls, which I love, but knew I’d have to change – it’s a surfing term that literally means, losing control. ) So I’m title brainstorming now, which I find fun.

My mother was very happy I spoke with my editor. In fact, the first thing she said was, she didn’t take the deal back, did she?

Anyway – I’m still all kinds of floaty – and thank you guys for all your congrats and good wishes!! They really mean a lot to me, and it’s great to be able to share this with you all.

The past few days I’ve been trying to get some writing done, but it’s a little hard…you know – the floaty thing. So I’ve been listing out some website updates I need to get done, thinking about sending out my first newsletter, etc. I figured, if I can get some details out of the way, when the writing pulls at me again, I can do it with a clean conscience.

Steph T.