So, in my time blogging, many of you know that I’ve taken time to craft thoughtful letters to the mythical editors out there who have the ability to acquire my books. I’ve excerpted as few below to remind you:

Dear Editor,
You want to buy all my books (and those of all my writer friends too.)
P.S. I am Jedi. You will not resist.

Dear Editor:
I am here: X

Dear Editor:
It all works out in the end. And it rocks. So here’s the manuscript — cammy face paint and parachute are included. Synopsis, not so much. Did I mention I have cookies?

Dear Editor:
Here are my three chapters. After that, things could go so many different ways. Some of them could involve wolves. Trust me, you’ll love it.
PS I am an INFJ.

Dear Editor:
I like May. It would be a great time for a sale. I’m running out of band-aids, so you might want to hurry. I do, however, have an abundance of Alpha male heroes who need good homes. They keep putting their feet up on the furniture, so please hurry.

Well, it’s not May, but as of Friday, one of those Alphas has found himself a home – at Harlequin Blaze. I SOLD TO BLAZE!!!

Dear Kathryn:
Thank you. You rock!

(I was supposed to tell you that right at the top, wasn’t I?)

It happened late Friday afternoon, via but Roberta (my agent, who also rocks) I don’t have many other details, but as soon as I do, I’ll spill. And, of course the hero is a SEAL – silly question. But it’s not Jake’s story – and trust me, I’m not sure how to break this news to him…

Oh, and that Jedi letter to the Editor seems to be working too – in many, many mysterious, secret ways. heeheehee…

Steph T.