First, there’s a phone number that keeps calling my cell phone, but it’s one of those, the number is dialing by accident and the caller doesn’t even realize that the phone has dialed (my parents do that a lot – and I find myself calling into the phone, mom, dad, hello, and when they finally grab the phone they’re like, why are you calling me?) But anyway, this person doesn’t realize that they’re calling me at all, and I’m hearing their entire garbled conversation. So, one day, bright-lite over here decides to call back the number and ask the person to STOP CALLING ME. The guy’s like, Ma’am, I’m on a Marine base and someone gave me this phone to use. See – weird.

And I’ve gotten at least 4 emails asking me if a particular character is based on a real live person, since I seem to have choosen the name of that real live person and gotten all of his characteristics down pat. The most interesting thing is that all the women who have contacted me about him have dated him – and he’s supposedly currently in the Navy as well. This makes me very happy, since he’s such a fun character, and now I want to meet him.

They say there are no coincidences, so what does this mean? Is Karma calling out to me in some major cosmic way? Or is a wrong number really just a wrong number. But really, wouldn’t it be cool for me to meet my character?

Anyway, for more randomness, you can find me over at Romancing The Blog today – I’m talking about favorite quotes, so stop by and visit so I’m not all lonely. Or else I’ll give your phone numbers to the Marines.

Steph T.