Found this on Linda’s blog – I won’t tag anyone (and Lynn – I know – I’m still working on that meme – Jake’s threatening to do it for me.)

current clothing: pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt.

current hair: down and of the, just rolled out of bed, variety and in need of a haircut. Appointment is Tuesday.

current refreshment: coffee

current annoyance: my school district

current avoidance: people in general, so it’s good that it’s 7am

current smell: coffee

current thing you ought to be doing: putting up my WriteMinded blog

current thing or things on your wall: bookshelves. Overflowing bookshelves.

current IM/person you’re talking to: No one, because Larissa’s 3 hours behind and refuses to get up at 4am. Selfish.

current jewelry: none

current book: The newest Sherilyn Kenyon – the Wren one.

current worry: my hero’s backstory – he’s not sharing very well right now. Oh, and a paypal transaction I never got a receipt for – so I don’t think it went through and of course, I didn’t copy down the confirmation number, because they always send and email…oh, you only wanted one, huh?

current favorite celebrity: Johnny Knoxville (I just saw Dukes of Hazard and I have to say he was funny)

current obsession: getting my driveway repaved

current love: the husband

current longing: to finish DI

current disappointment: I don’t dwell on these for longer than I have to

current lyric in your head: Mississippi Queen (the entire song)

current music: mix for the new book, including above song and the new INXS, Pretty Vegas

current favorite book: Well, I just bought Flowers on the Storm, since it seems to be a lot of people’s favorite book, so we’ll see. So far, no SEALs have shown up, though

current favorite movie: Mr & Mrs Smith

current wish: Do I really have to say it – you KNOW what it is…

current happy thing: the four year old, all snuggled and still sleeping. And the coffee. Did I mention the coffee?

current undergarments: Victoria Secret – I think the body ones.

current desktop picture: Don’t know what it’s called – Windows XP with all the fall foliage

current plans for tonight/weekend: Going eyeglass shopping for self and four year old and then WRITING

What are you currently doing? eating breakfast, blogging and enjoying the quiet

Steph T.