See, when people tell me that blogging’s not helpful or a waste of time, I can say with certainty that they’re totally wrong.

For example, when I posted the pictures of my new muse, Vic (who, BTW, thinks he can boss me around), I discovered that Jean and I have the same keyboard. This is very important for me to know, because she talked about how the Bluetooth capability of the keyboard (it’s wireless) goes into sleep mode after ten minutes. Which was something I didn’t know, because even though I bought the keyboard because it was Bluetooth enabled because I figured, hey, my laptop and BlackBerry are both Bluetooth enabled and somehow, they could all connect, I don’t know how to connect them at all.

But I know Jean does. So, if I ever get it together, I know who to ask for help. See? Knowledge = power.

I wonder why Jean just ran away screaming?

Oh, and Eve? I saw Skating With Celebrities last night. Could Kristi be a bigger ditz or what?

Now I’ve got to go work on the 7 Things Meme Lynn tagged me with. Oh yes, and writing.

Steph T.