1. Dried pancake batter is sharp, proving that the kitchen is indeed the gateway to hell, no matter what Cece tells me.

2. If you’ve got 2 Gas/Electric lines feeding into your house, they need to be the exact same voltage, or else bad things can happen to the appliances that are 220 somethingorother and need to work off both lines.

3. The two lines coming into my house are not the same voltage.

4. The day you have the carpeting on your stairs shampooed, the electrician you called last week abotu flickering lights will arrive at the exact same time and will need to go upstairs. Ditto the cable guy.

5. Whever the cable company makes improvements in the speed of their internet, what it really means it, your signal and existing equipment are going to get really, really screwed up.

6. My internet service has been really, really screwed up.

7. The day you decide to be productive before 9am (read: run the dishwasher, do 2 loads of laundry and give the 4 year old a bath) the contractor will discover that there’s a bloackage somewhere from your house out to the main sewer and your garage will be full of suds.

8. When a plumber tells you, try not to use too much water until I get there, all you want to do is use water. Constantly.

9. Men do not care if there is no shade in the bathroom, and that the neighbors can see into said bathroom quite clearly.

10. The muse (or, in my case, Vic) doesn’t care that there are 50 people in and out of the house – the muse dictates that I write today. And so, in between the 50millionpeople today, I wrote. 12 pages. But I still feel the need to run the damned water…

Steph T.