I’m making slow but sure progress on chapters 4 – 6 of DI, mainly because I finally realized what I needed to change to make it all work. It took about ten pages of free writing, which is really another form of babbling to myself, to figure it out. And today’s horoscope for Aries looks pretty good too:

Very few times over the course of a year, the universe taps us on the shoulder and lets us know, via a great big coincidence, that today is our lucky day. This one is yours. Now that you know, imagine all the options you’ve got. The first, of course, is to jump right on any chance you come across (as long as it doesn’t cost you anything you can’t afford, of course) and see what happens

So, while I’m waiting for all the luck and universe tapping, I decided to swipe this quiz from Bonnie:

You are Hamlet, from the play Hamlet(duh)
You are intelligent and feel things deeply.
You look for someone who understands you and is
able to help you find answers. Circumstances in
your life cause you to hide what you really
feel from others.

Which Shakespeare Character are You?
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Steph T.