Interesting few days around here – woke up two days ago to no heat and today, a huge wind and rain storm had me on edge all day. Our neighborhood is on the oldest grid in the city, so we lose power if someone breathes too hard. We did lose power for about two minutes, but other than that, we’ve been lucky. Most of my city – county, really, is without power. So I’m pretty grateful.

So is the four year old – because, no power = no Elmo. And that’s so not good.

Anyway, I’ve spent the last days catching up on movies I should have seen much sooner but never did – Million Dollar Baby, Batman Begins and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And I truly do believe that the universe leads you where you need to be at a particular point in time – and even though I’m still semi-stuck on DI, those three movies gave me what I needed. Hard to explain, but they all have themes that tie in to DI, and I just think it’s cool when that happens.

And then, the past two nights have been spent watching American Idol, although thanks to Larissa and her likening all those people who think they’re good and really suck to writers and rejections, I can’t help being paranoid. And I’ve got no excuse for watching Skating with Celebrities. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one watching it.

Steph T.