There’s nothing like a delicious, crispy egg roll on a freezing cold night to make you want to veg out on the couch and watch any and all Law & Order episodes. Or is that just me? Anyway, I’ve noticed that fortune cookies are getting more profound these days, as evidenced by mine tonight: All that we are arises with our thoughts.

*says to self* I am a published author.

The other night, my fortune read (and yes, I am the Chinese take-out queen) said, Someone is speaking well about you.

Who is it? An editor? If yes, I hope they keep speaking. And then offer a few contracts.

Perhaps I’m putting far too much stock in the fortune cookie thing, but it’s all about whatever gets you through the day.

Anyway, I sent my newest Blaze proposal, complete with a synopsis for an unfinished book (I know, between this and the pancake episode, I’m breaking out in all different directions) to Roberta. I’d planned to write a bit more on it, just to get ahead and then start writing up another proposal.

Did I mention I’m a big believer in getting ahead? I thought it was really interesting that Bob Mayer (writes with Jenny Crusie beyond being a bestseller in his own right) said that what kept him alive in publishing was always being one full, completed book ahead of contract. (info swiped shamelessly from Kelly and Nadia Cornier.) That, and writing at least one book completely out of your current genre. I’m with him on both counts.

But, as you might have noticed, I said, planned. But, since the husband had some minor knee surgery Thursday, he’s been home. With me. On crutches. And meds. And craving chocolate cake. So I tried out the new stove and made the cake and cookies last night, and really, I’m tempted to take a pic of the cake, because that’s how pretty it looked. And it tasted just as good.

Today’s excuse? *shrugs* Well, I did write half a chapter, so I’m not that much of a slugs, but I have three half written chapters I really want to clean up and finish. In the meantime, have a fortune on me:

Your Fortune Is

He who fishes in another man’s well often catches crab.

Steph T.