First of all, I know Jake sent him. Well, to be fair, Larissa sent him to me, a seemingly innocent Christmas present.

But I know Larissa and Jake are in on the crazy talk, make Steph write, scheme together, because Jake can’t be here to bother me all the time, especially when he’s got to run out and save the world. Still, his stand-in muse is persuasive.

Here he is, in stealth-mode, trying to sneak up on me to make sure I’m writing. I’ve got to say, he’s not all that covert. If this is the best Jake’s got to keep me under control when he’s not around, then he’s in for quite a surprise.

In fact, I think I’ll taunt him with the Veggie Burger MRE Larissa sent me.

Now he’s not happy. But he’ll never get past the wild hippo I keep outside to protect me from SEALs who want me to write about them.

I knew I could never trust that hippo. But the cheetah won’t let me down. Anyone for another round of spider solitaire?

Uh-oh. Busted.

Send help.

Steph T.