Although hell did not freeze over, I actually did some cooking today.

*puts smelling salts under Cece’s nose to rouse her*

See, by some freak of nature, I make excellent pancakes. I guess because they sort of fall under the realm of baking, which I also do well but haven’t had the time or inclination to do lately. But, last night, I remembered that I’d gotten a waffle maker last Christmas and I decided I wanted pancakes this morning.

Hey, it made sense to me at the time. Of course, I’m also taking migraine meds.

If your visited here long enough, you know that the husband is a really good cook. In fact, he does all the cooking around here. He claims I’ve never made him a meal, when, in reality, I’ve made him several grilled cheeses in the time we’ve been together and canned soup. And that totally counts. Anyway, he makes really shitty pancakes. They’re always thick and underdone and it drives him crazy. So crazy, that he tried to control freak his way into my pancakes this morning. Tried to make me use a ladle instead of a regular old spoon, tried to show me how to make bigger pancakes.

And my horoscope has the nerve to call me a control freak? Damned Leos are much more controlling than Aries (and bossier too *coughLarissacough*)

I hope he doesn’t expect pancakes every weekend, because I’m exhausted now.

Oh, and under the unmbrella of trying new things, I switched to the Yahoo Beta mail to check it out. It’s a lot like Gmail, which the husband tells me is a lot like Outlook. Since I’ve never used Outlook, I’m not understanding the whole devotion people seem to exhibit toward it. The thought of downloading stuff that could possible be lost if the computer crashes versus using a web-based mail program doesn’t appeal to me. But it’s possible that I could be missing some important things about outlook, since my Yahoo mail often sucks. And Alison’s been telling me to switch for a long time now away from Yahoo.

Maybe she’s got a rising sign in Leo…

Steph T.