Totally forgot to update that I’d be away for the week with the four year old for a planned surgery. She’s doing well, the husband plied me with chocolate and we’re all home, safe and sound.

I also met a cool mom whose daughter was in the bed next to mine and discovered that it takes a special person to enjoy a Milky Way and a Diet Coke at 4am. I am that person, and strangely proud of it.

And I’m really, really beginning to not like going into hospitals. I know no one does, but I thought I was used to it. Each time gets harder – and I think that comes from knowing too much about the way a hospital works and the whole, everything takes twice as long in a hospital than it does in real world time, issue. I know that, and I should be able to deal with it. But for the love of all things chocolate, if the four year old is in recovery and you’re not calling me back to see her because she’s sleeping peacefully and you leave me wondering in the waiting room for 45 minutes without telling me that, especially when the doctor said, she’s in recovery now, waking up and doing well, do you really think you’re going to have a happy, shiny mother your hands?

I mean, she’s mine. That’s the way I get now – I want to wear a big sign that says, SHE’S MINE. All mine. And don’t screw with me. (Can you sense the only child vibe in that statement?)

*takes deep breath* Anyway, time for the horoscopes. (Raine – it doesn’t look too bad for Aries this time.)

Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers, 2006 Forecast!

Aries: ’06 will bring offers. Nice ones. You have and will continue to be on the receiving end of generous friends and co-workers, and the only way you can screw this up is if you try and control every facet of the deal. Cooperation and Hanging Back will make you money, give you influence and prestige.

A control-freak? Moi?

Still, the offers would totally work for me. I’m hoping some writing will work for me today too.

Steph T.