Happy New Year!! Here’s to much success and happiness for us all in 2006! Enjoy the search phrases and a few more days off. The husband and I are just planning on hanging out and ordering a few movies off PayPerView tonight. I’d like to see Crash and Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Batman Returns.

And now, for the last search phrases of 2005:

home depot bathroom complaints (I’m betting the men’s room is a lot worse than the women’s room)

who sang try and love again eagles (Um, the lead singers of the Eagles sang the song. Which is a great one, by the way. One of my favorites)

just pee in the pool (Please. Don’t.)

nothing in this world can take the place of persistance. (I’ll bet a sale to a publishing house could…)

military boys taking shoes and socks off (A new fetish?)

hate aries (Hey, don’t be hatin’)

seal motto the only easy day was yesterday meaning (Um, I thought the meaning was pretty self explanatory…)

nude massage with happy endings (I’m think that’s usually the way it works)

scarecrow need to lighten up (I think the words scarecrow and light probably shouldn’t be used in the same sentence)

soundtracks for hot dog the movie (I didn’t even know there was a hotdog movie. Notice, Larissa, it says nothing about tofu-dogs)

if i tell you i would have to kill you – army phrase (I use this phrase a lot myself)

infj percentage of population(Less than 1% of the population is INFJ. I am INFJ. So are a lot of writers I know)

ulysses s grant is a dumbass (Thanks for sharing)

medication lizzy borden was on (I think the point was, that she wasn’t on meds at all, and thus the whole, gave her mother 40 whacks, problem)

lynn daniels svu (Is Lynn doing a guest spot on the show?)

crazy santa (Perhaps you meant, Crazy Larissa)

Steph T.