So, to recap, kitchen is what you’d call ‘done ‘ if done means no counter tops, sinks, working stove and running water. It’s going to be very interesting for the next week or so but I don’t care. Because I noticed something – funny thing, the owners moving back into the house means things get done at a rapid rate. Like magic, all the painting got done, all the crap got cleared out and cleaned and suddenly, it looks like the job might actually be finished in time for Christmas Eve.

The builder was so proud yesterday when he got the stove hood up (BTW, the stove and hood are huge and scary)

Builder: Steph, look – your stove is all ready! You’re going to love cooking on this.

Me: (wondering if he’s serious, then realizes man doesn’t know me from Eve and points to microwave) That’s mine. This stove is the husband’s.

B: You don’t cook? I don’t think I could’ve married my wife if she didn’t cook.

Me: My talents lie in other areas.

After that lovely exchange, I went upstairs to clean. I turned on my computer after 5 months and what I like to refer to as The Great Cable Disaster of 2005 (otherwise known as, please help, one of the workers just dropped the AC on the outside cable box and smashed it) Needless to say, I’d asked the husband to have the Cable Guy check the Internet connection. Imagine my surprise (not) when I turned on the computer and found no Internet connection. Of course, I was still planning on moving in, so let this show you just how desperate I am.

Cable Man on phone: How can I help you?

Me: You can please establish an Internet connection for me, thereby saving my husband’s life.


Finally, yesterday, the moving people called. The forecast called for snow (which it still is) on my moving day(today), and he wanted to know if I wanted to cancel.

Moving Man: People usually don’t like moving in the snow or rain – don’t want their stuff getting wet.

Me: I’ve been living out of a suitcase with my parents for 5 months. What do you think?

MM: See you in the morning.

Me: (to self) You’d better believe it, buddy.

Okay – cross your fingers this all works. If said cable is still working, I’ll be back soon.

Steph T.