If you recall, last winter, the husband always managed to leave town on business just as the snow started. Granted, yesterday there was only a matter of a few inches on the ground here, but still, it began just as his plane took off for sunny California. As for me, I’m here with the four year old, the parents, the migraine and the, it’s almost ready, house.

Again, I would say he’s trying to kill me, but it makes no sense, since his life insurance policy is much higher than mine. And yes, we’re getting more snow tomorrow. And he’s not home until Wednesday.

Before I forget, I would like to give a shout to the man who’s sanding our floors – he totally gets bonus points for asking me if I was the daughter of the owner. Total bonus points. Almost as good as getting carded. Yes, I’m the daughter of the house…the very young daughter.

Of course, the only reason he spoke to me at all was to ask me to clean out the downstairs closets so he could sand the floor.:cry:

Christmas shopping? Pshaw, I say.

Steph T.