The thing I like most about writer’s blogs is the fact that writers will share pretty much everything about their publishing journey – the ups and the downs, the entire process. I tend not to share, for no other reason than I’m very superstitious about sharing. Of course, the superstition goes something like this – if I share any good news, it will disappear. (FYI – if you share good news, nothing bad will happen to it.) And with the bad news…well, the faster I can forget about it, the better.

I know it doesn’t make much sense. It’s a thing with me. But, in the spirit of resolutions (early, I know) I’m going to share more. Because if I don’t, you’re all going to think I just sit around all day and whine about my house contruction. Which, of course, I do a lot of, so you wouldn’t be completely off base.

So, here goes. First, back in August, I signed with a wonderful agent – Roberta Brown. She’s amazing, supportive and knows her stuff, and I feel extremely lucky to have found such a good match. And second, I recently got a revision request for the Blaze I sent out back in August, and I’ve been working on it like crazy. So, if you’ve got any extra good karma vibes, please throw them in the general direction of the revised manuscript that’s currently making its way back to Harlequin.

*looks left, then right, and waits for the good news to vanish*

Pessimist? Me?

What about you? Do you share? If you’ve got any news, spill it now…

Steph T.