Missed October, although the one that stands out is the , i love my plumber t-shirt. I mean, he did a great job, but I’m thinking the t-shirt’s a bit much.

Anyway – onward.

military payperview (does this exist, and if so, why didn’t I know about it?)
angel and devil drinking coffee (that would be a fun conversation to hear)
amy and bill cameltoe (I’m sure they make a very nice couple)

truth or dare beer (I’d try it)
truth or dare her ass (do you have to drink the truth or dare beer first?)
numbing her ass (is this foreplay and does it happen before the truth or dare beer?)

innocent romatica (oxy moron)
things to know about anacondas (they’re big, sneaky & can show up anywhere)
stephanie saint author (I do have the patience of one…stop laughing)
home depot rejection letter (yeah, that’s gotta hurt)

how can i change the number of rings before voicemail comes on my blackberry (I know this one! You’ve got to call Nextel or whoever your phone service is from and they have to program it from their end. Ha – I spent days trying to figure that one out and finally broke down and called)

famous migraine (I don’t want to be the one who has it)

who is emma sinclair favorite critique partner????? (Tell us, Emma)

how to romance an infj (at least someone remembered that I am INFJ – less than 1% of population is, remember?)
steph f*** me (I guess some might consider than romantic…:smoke:)

Till next month.

Steph T.