Visited my house last night. Painting appears to be under control, for the moment. The color we picked for the living room is very much a color, for lack of a better word (read: whole house is pretty much cool beige tones – living room is now a mustard color.) The jury’s still out, but I think, once we get the furniture back (did I mention that’s happening on DECEMBER 9TH?) I think it will all work out.

It’s very scary that the husband and I managed to get through this project and actually pick entire rooms of things out. Like we’re grown-ups or something. When did that happen?

Anyway – segue from paint to books – I went on a nice, Amazon book buying binge last night. But it wasn’t my fault entirely – I had to pick out my new coffee maker and while I was getting a shipment anyway, it seemed like a shame not to include some books in it. Alison’s talking about her auto-buy authors, and I’m trying my first Alex Kava (although the book she recommended to try first is a re-release, and doesn’t come out till January. So I’ll wait patiently.) I pre-ordered a few books so I wouldn’t forget, but most of them don’t come out until after February. And I started to list my own auto-buy authors and realized that it’s pretty much books by the authors on my blog list and books recommended to me by authors on my blog list, which I think is kind of cool *g* plus Suz Brockmann, Sherilyn Kenyon, Tess Gerritson, Tami Hoag. Recently, I’ve been reading Nora Robert’s In The Garden series (did I mention these are the first Nora’s I’ve ever read?)

Anway, I’ve been making time for reading again, so I need a huge, towering tbr pile to grab from. It’s been my new guilty pleasure to grab a book at midnight and stay up late reading. Because, lately, the four year old had been waking up around midnight, so we kind of hang out through 3 am together – a lovely bonding experience.

Steph T.